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Caroline Blouse

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Basic blouse crafted from fluid satin fabric with short sleeves, high neckline, and delicate button closure at the back.

A piece that elevates the essence of casual to a new level of sophistication.

Fluid Satin Fabric - Soft Touch and Subtle Shine:

This blouse is crafted from fluid satin fabric, providing a soft touch to the skin and a subtle shine that adds a special charm.

The fluidity of the fabric offers elegant movement, making it a perfect choice for various occasions, from everyday wear to more refined events.

Short Sleeves and High Neckline - Balance between Comfort and Style:

The short sleeves offer freedom of movement, while the high neckline adds a contemporary and elegant touch.

This combination creates a perfect balance between comfort and style, allowing you to feel well-dressed in any situation.

Delicate Button Closure at the Back - Detail that Makes a Difference:

The button closure at the back not only adds a delicate touch but also adds extra charm to the look.

This simple detail highlights attention to detail, showing that even basic pieces can be unique and special.

Versatile and timeless, this piece will become an essential item in your wardrobe, providing refined looks with ease.
Caroline Blouse
Caroline Blouse
Caroline Blouse
Caroline Blouse