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Crepe blazer with gold buttons and lapel. This piece has a tailored fit and structured shoulders.

Awaken Your Sophistication with This Piece

Gold Buttons and Lapel - Shining Details:
The gold buttons and lapel add a touch of luxury to the blazer, standing out as striking elements. These details not only provide a subtle shine but also elevate the piece to a level of sophistication. Perfect for those seeking a refined look with a hint of glamour.

Crepe: Elegance in Texture and Movement:
Known for its subtle texture and fluid drape, crepe gives the blazer a unique elegance. Offering graceful movement, crepe is the ideal choice for those looking for a fabric that balances comfort and style. This crepe blazer is a fashion statement that transcends seasons.

Tailored Fit and Structured Shoulders - Contoured Elegance:
The tailored fit of the blazer accentuates the silhouette in a contoured manner, ensuring an elegant and modern look. Structured shoulders add an extra dose of sophistication, creating a commanding presence. This blazer is perfect for women who want to express confidence with style.

Elevate your wardrobe to a new level with the crepe blazer with gold buttons.

100% Viscose