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Off-white coat crafted from tweed. Features a collar, lapel, front pockets, back vent, and front closure with buttons.

Experience sophistication and comfort in one piece.

Introduce a touch of luxury into your winter collection with our off-white tweed coat.

This iconic piece showcases a collar and lapel that exude a classic and timeless aesthetic. The front pockets provide practicality without compromising elegance.

Each button on the front closure is meticulously chosen to reflect the quality and refined style our brand offers.

Back vent - a touch of boldness in tradition

The back vent of this coat is more than a detail; it's a fashion statement. Besides providing movement, it adds a bold touch to a classic piece.

This surprising element highlights innovation amidst tradition, making this coat a unique choice for those seeking originality.

Off-white tweed - neutral and elegant

The off-white tweed coat stands out for the sophisticated choice of neutral color. The soft and elegant off-white tone offers a timeless and versatile appearance.

This piece exemplifies how simplicity can be truly sophisticated, providing a neutral base that allows for various combinations.